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Americas leading resource & information source on toxic Chinese drywall & or Knauf Chinese Drywall

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is the leading US resource on toxic Chinese drywall, and an advocate for homeowners, who have a problem, or suffer the symptoms of toxic Chinese drywall in their home or condo. Here you will find some answers on what to do, symptoms of toxic Chinese drywall, inspection criteria, pictures, along with the latest news on Chinese Drywall lawsuits and legal dispositions.


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 Americas Watchdog's  
urgent appeal to home buyers in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia and Southeast Texas
"Do not buy a bank foreclosure in one of these states without a thorough inspection for toxic Chinese drywall."
US banks and loan servicing companies are selling thousands of foreclosures in these states "As Is" with no disclosure of  toxic Chinese drywall.  


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Toxic Chinese drywall contains harmful levels of chemicals that are strong enough to degrade copper pipes, or electrical wires, and at the same time create a unhealthy environment in a home. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center's investigation has now determined with 100% certainty, that imported toxic Chinese drywall has been installed all over the extreme US Southeast including the states of Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Southeast Texas, and Virginia. Tragically, we believe toxic Chinese drywall has also been installed in all other regions of the United States. However, without high thresholds of heat & humidity, it becomes much more difficult, to identify homes, and or to see the worst effects of toxic Chinese drywall.

Are There Any State Or Federal Programs Offering Meaningful Disaster Assistance For Homeowner Victims of The Toxic Chinese Drywall Disaster In The US, and or especially in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, or Southeast Texas?

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, "After being first discovered in 2009, there are still no meaningful federal, or state disaster relief programs for homeowners stuck with a toxic Chinese drywall home. No group, or organization has tried harder to get disaster relief for homeowners stuck in toxic Chinese drywall home, and we will continue our efforts until federal, and state disaster relief programs are created, and made available for effected homeowners, and their families. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is now insisting that the states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas create disclosure laws to prevent home buyers, or renters from moving into a home that contains, or formerly contained toxic Chinese drywall without full disclosure."

Chinese Drywall Complaint Center Update:

The Chinese drywall Complaint Center now believes that many more US Southeast homes particularly in Florida, Southeast Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia and Louisiana have toxic Chinese drywall than previous calculations. The group says, "many homes in the US Southeast have toxic Chinese drywall INTERMIXED with US made drywall. If these homes were built or remodeled after 2001, we believe a small amount of imported Chinese drywall is enough to make an entire house toxic. The net result is instead of ending up with tens of thousands of toxic US Southeast homes, we are convinced we have 100,000's of toxic US Southeast homes."

Is Toxic Chinese Drywall A National Problem?

Yes-However there is a problem with discovering US States-outside of the extreme US Southeast with toxic Chinese drywall. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is saying, "We now think that the reason we have found so much toxic Chinese drywall in the extreme US Southeast is high heat, combined with high humidity. We believe the high heat-high humidity combination in the US Gulf States, and Virginia may be the cause of the imported Chinese drywall-off gassing, which causes AC coil failures, metal deterioration, copper that turns black, electrical issues in the homes, combined with upper respiratory issues, nose bleeds, headaches for most homeowners, or their family members. Because the US Northeast, Mid West & or the Western half of the US do not have high thresholds of humidity, and heat; severe metal deterioration may not occur in homes with Chinese drywall, but the homeowners may still be sick. The group is trying to determine the best ways to discover toxic Chinese drywall in the US Northeast, Mid Atlantic, Mid West, and West. As this information is determined, the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center will update its web site immediately.

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center Difference

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center will spend as much time as needed with any existing homeowner in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, and Southeast Texas attempting to determine if their home, or property contains toxic Chinese drywall. There is no charge for this service.

Imported Chinese & Toxic US Made Drywall Time Frames

We believe toxic Chinese drywall was being imported into the US Southeast as early as 2001. The primary states were Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, and Southeast Texas. We also believe, that if toxic Chinese drywall was being imported into the US Southeast as early as 2001, it probably was being imported into all other areas of the United States. However, without high thresholds of heat, and humidity-we think toxic Chinese drywall is much more difficult to identify, or discover. The US Consumer Products Safety Commission has identified toxic Chinese drywall in over 40 plus US States. We think the peak periods of toxic Chinese drywall usage at least in the US Gulf States were 2004-2007. In October of 2010 we discovered our first home in California, that contained toxic Chinese drywall


What Types Of Toxic Chinese Drywall Is A Priority Of The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center? Is China standing behind their toxic Chinese drywall products?

There are two types of toxic Chinese drywall that are priorities for the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center:

Knauf Tianjin: Knauf is the largest drywall maker in the world. Knauf is a closely held German company. Knauf Tianjin was exported from China and distributed to the states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas between 2005, and 2006. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center believes Knauf Tianjin is in at least 100,000 homes in the US Southeast. The new problem-On February 7th 2013 a federal court in New Orleans approved a global settlement for homeowners, whose home contained Knauf Tianjin toxic Chinese drywall. Based on court records only about 5500 homeowners were included in this settlement. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center will continue to attempt to identify homeowners who have a home that contains Knauf Tianjin toxic Chinese drywall to the federal court in New Orleans, or to Federal Appeals Courts that hopefully will reopen the timeframe to get all Knauf Tianjin homeowners identified. Because so many of these homes are now foreclosures owned by US taxpayer funded Fannie Mae, the group believes Knauf Tianjin should be forced to pay for the repair of home foreclosures now owned by this taxpayer supported federal organization.

Taishan:The other major exporter of toxic Chinese drywall to the US is Chinese state owned Taishan toxic Chinese drywall. Toxic Taishan Chinese Drywall was distributed to homebuilders in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, and California. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center estimates that at a minimum 100,000 US homes contain Taishan toxic Chinese drywall. The Problem: For the last four years the government of China has been unwilling to accept responsibility for their toxic building product that was exported to the United States. Without pressure from the United States Department of State, or the Obama Administration the group doubts much progress will be made on the Taishan litigation for impacted US homeowners, and their families

National Advocacy Group for Consumer Protection and Corporate Fair Play


Latest News on
Chinese Drywall

Because the US Federal Government & the Obama Administration have been virtual no shows to the toxic Chinese drywall disaster, the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is now urging individual state legislatures to enact stringent disclosure laws, so that home buyers do not unknowingly purchase a home that c
ontains toxic Chinese drywall in Florida, and the Gulf States.



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