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Help for homeowners or victims who suffer the symptoms of a toxic Chinese Drywall  problem in their home or condo.

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Bank Letter

Chinese Drywall Complaint Center
The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center's prototype homeowners letter to their mortgage bank, or loan servicing company relates to a forbearance agreement for homeowners in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, and Southeast Texas, where toxic Chinese drywall is known to have impacted a very large number of homeowners.

For  Families & Homeowners left with little choice but to vacate their home, because of toxic Chinese drywall, Americas Watchdog's Chinese Drywall Complaint Center has developed a possible forbearance letter, that might allow you to save your home. According to the group, "we are not attorneys, nor is this in anyway an attempt to practice law. This letter is simply a suggestion, that might allow you to save your home. Before you send a letter like this to your mortgage lender, or loan servicing company, we strongly encourage a homeowner, or real estate owner, to have an actual attorney in your state, review any proposed forbearance letter, to make certain that passes all legal requirements of your specific state."  



Potential Forbearance Letter

Subject: Chinese Toxic Drywall & Request For A Forbearance Agreement


(Company's Representative)
(Company's Name)
(Company's Address)
(Company's Phone Number)

RE: (Your Home Address)
Loan number: (#)

Dear (Company's Representative):

I am writing this letter to inform you of my current economic hardship. My home contains toxic Chinese drywall and remaining in the home puts me and my family’s health and safety at risk.

Due to the terms of my mortgage loan, the current state of the US housing market and the toxicity of the Chinese drywall, I need to relocate my family temporarily, until federal emergency funding for a repair can be secured.  As such, I can no longer continue making the full mortgage payments in the amount of
( $ ) per month, nor will I be able to refinance or sell my house.


The reason that I am going to fall behind on my mortgage payments is because (explain the circumstances that caused your decision to move out of the home).  This is the situation that I am in until federal disaster relief funding will allow me to properly repair my home.

 Attached please find pictures of my (black air conditioning coils, degraded copper ground wires, medical bills or whatever else you have & include copies of pictures for each thing listed).

At this time, my family and I must move out of our home because of the potential for long term lethal side effects from the toxic Chinese drywall, as well as immediate safety concerns. If you will allow me a loan modification in the form of a forbearance agreement, or any other option that involves payments of no more than my property taxes and my property's homeowners insurance, then I would like to move forward and continue doing business with you. (Optional) If not, then I intend to give you back the home, as it is not safe to live in or occupy in any capacity, due to the health risks and safety concerns associated with toxic Chinese drywall.

As soon as President Obama & the US Congress make emergency funding available so that I can completely rebuild my home, then I will be able to start making full my full mortgage payments again.

Thank you very much for your consideration and I deeply appreciate any effort that you can make to help me and my family.


(Your Name (s) - Date)


---------Send this letter via US certified mail, so that you have proof of receipt--------



National Advocacy Group for Consumer Protection and Corporate Fair Play