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Mary Ann Schultheis shows the black residue that has formed on the copper AC coils in her home.

 Symptoms of Toxic Chinese Drywall for US Homeowners:


Note: Indicators of toxic Chinese Drywall will vary from state to state because of heat and humidity. The vast majority of US homes known to have toxic Chinese drywall are limited to Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, or Southeast Texas. The house has to have been built, remodeled, or repaired after 2000.  Most homes that will have the toxic Chinese Drywall were built between 2001 & 2008.

We are now very focused on identifying toxic Chinese drywall in homes that were damaged by Hurricanes Katrina, Ike, Rita, or Ivan. Especially when talking about the extreme US Southeast, homes may, or may not have a sulphur or rotten egg smell

"We believe the #1  symptom of toxic Chinese drywall is continuous air conditioning coil failures or air conditioning equipment failures"

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Drywall Complaint Center

Important Note To All US Homeowners From The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center:  We believe toxic Chinese drywall and or tainted US manufactured drywall is in all 50 US States.  However, because high heat-combined with high humidity appear to bring out the worst symptoms of toxic Chinese drywall, our investigation is primarily focused on Florida, Louisiana, Southeast Texas (the Houston & Austin metro areas), Alabama, Mississippi, and Virginia.


 Most Importantly, Health & Toxic Chinese Drywall.                                  

After more than two years of knowing about toxic Chinese drywall, the US Centers For Disease Control has indicated that it will not conduct formal studies related to homeowner, or homeowner family members exposure issues in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, and or Southeast Texas regarding toxic Chinese drywall. There have been no other formal health studies on the affects of exposure to toxic Chinese dry wall. However, some common denominators appear to be present, as follow: nose bleeds, headaches, coughs, upper respiratory or sinus issues, rashes.

Note:  with respect to health & exposure to toxic Chinese drywall, the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center has heard repeatedly, "I live in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Southeast Texas, or Virginia, and I am in a house with the suspected Chinese drywall or tainted US drywall & I feel sick, or my family members are sick. We leave the home for a few days, or a week, & we all feel better."


Family pets may have died from exposure in US homes with Chinese toxic drywall especially in US States with high thresholds of heat and humidity. These US States include Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, and Southeast Texas. 


Other Indicators of Toxic Chinese Drywall
in a new US home, town home or condominium in the US Southeast: (Florida, Louisiana, Southeast Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia)

Homeowners, or building owners, or renters may have noticed corroded, or black electrical wiring in their walls in properties built, remodeled or remediated since 2001. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, "While toxic Chinese drywall may have initially been imported into the US in 2000, or 2001, the peak years for toxic Chinese drywall in the US are 2004-2007." Many homeowners, who have the toxic Chinese drywall or toxic US made drywall in their home, might have copper ground wires in the electrical receptacle boxes that have turned black. Homeowners who suspect their home may have the Chinese drywall can carefully remove electrical receptacle plate covers to see if the cooper ground wire has turned black.

If a homeowner in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi, Southeast Texas, or any other state sees this, they should call the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center immediately at 866-714-6466, or email the group at




Picture Of the corrosive affects of toxic Chinese
   drywall on copper


Our number one symptom of toxic Chinese drywall is repeated air conditioning coil failures specifically in the states of Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, and the metro areas of Houston & Austin, Texas, in Southeast Texas.

Other Toxic Chinese Drywall Symptoms Or Indicators Include: 

* Oven, or stove elements, or refrigerator coils may have failed in the homes, or condominiums a number of times. The homeowners Consumer Center has also discovered that computer, TV sets, radios, DVD players, smoke detectors microwave information display panels may have failed in homes, where the toxic Chinese drywall is present.

* Light bulbs in homes with toxic Chinese drywall may burn out at a much faster rate than specified by the manufacturer.

* High end silver jewelry, or silver plated utensils may be tarnished

   Picture of corrosion on refrigeration.

How do I know if my home contains tainted Chinese drywall?

Common health complaints include:  (This includes all US States)

Nose bleeds
Upper respiratory or sinus issues
Eye irritation
Difficulty breathing
Aching body
Family pets may have died
Note homeowners is all 50 US states may notice metal deterioration in laundry rooms, in homes that have toxic Chinese drywall, and or US made toxic drywall. We think this is a possible because of elevated humidity levels in a home, or condominium's laundry room


Common Toxic Chinese Drywall Symptoms In The Extreme US Southeast Include:

These building related indicators are only appropriate in the US Southeast including Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi, Southeast Texas & Georgia at this time, because high heat combined with high humidity appears to create more severe off-gassing from the toxic Chinese drywall, or tainted US manufactured drywall. A home in California, Arizona, Illinois, Colorado, New York, or any other US Northeast, Midwest, or Western half of the US will not typically have these symptoms because of the humidity levels outside of the US Southeast are not high enough. However, all, or some homeowners in homes anywhere in the US with Chinese drywall toxic drywall may be sick.

Standard toxic Chinese drywall-Toxic US made drywall symptoms in the US Southeast  

  Continuous failure of air conditioning coils, or HVAC units beyond anything normal. Copper AC coils have turned black, or a grayish black--Again-Failed or degraded air conditioning coils, or equipment is the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center's number one symptom for toxic Chinese drywall. 

  Oven, or stove elements, or refrigerator coils may have failed a number of times.

  Failure of electrical appliances, computer, TV sets, radios, DVD players, smoke detectors, microwave display panels may have failed.

  Corroded, or black electrical wiring.

  High end silver jewelry, or silver plated utensils may be tarnished.

  Light bulbs in homes with toxic Chinese drywall may burn out at a much faster rate than specified by the manufacturer.

  Smell of rotten eggs may, or may not be present in some US homes. This is a very important point. Many to most toxic Chinese drywall homes in the US Southeast may or may not have a rotten egg smell.

  The homeowners, or their families are sick.


Here is a link to the chemical compounds of Chinese Drywall



Who to contact:

Note: There currently is no test that will verify with 100% certainty that a home, or condominium might have toxic Chinese drywall, or tainted US manufactured drywall, without destructive testing. If a homeowner has a question related to what type of drywall may be in their home-as safely as possible-go up to your attic and see what is written on the drywall in the attic area. The group specifically wants to hear from homeowners who have a specific type of toxic Chinese drywall called Knauf Tianjin. For additional information homeowners should write down exactly what is written on the back of the attic drywall, and then call the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center at 866-714-6466.



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