Chinese Drywall Complaint Center
Help for homeowners or victims who suffer the symptoms of a toxic Chinese Drywall  problem in their home or condo.

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Special Note To Construction Project Managers, air conditioning repair people or Building Supply Managers:

"If you know where the imported Chinese dry wall was installed, or who purchased it we want to hear from you. This seriously may be a life or death situation, for the occupants of these homes, or condominiums."

In particular Americas Watchdog wants to hear from air conditioning experts who have knowledge of air conditioning failures as far back as 2003-2004, due to exposure to imported toxic Chinese drywall. In the opinion of Americas Watchdog, "there is no way, major air conditioning companies did not know that toxic Chinese drywall was making people sick by 2005. Which then begs the question, why were homebuilders continuing to use this toxic Chinese drywall product? If you are a residential construction manager, or an air conditioning specialist, we want to hear from you, if you have proof that the major air conditioning companies, or homebuilders knew the Chinese drywall was toxic, and we want to know when they knew it."

Insiders with specific information can call Americas Watchdog anytime at
866-714-6466, or e-mail them at AmericasWatchdog@AOL.Com

According to The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center, "we think we are looking at the worst case of sick houses in US history."  

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