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Chinese Drywall Inspection Service
for All U.S. Homebuyers

(Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana & Southeast Texas)

Because there are no state mandated disclosures for toxic Chinese Drywall in homes, condominiums, or townhouses in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or the metro area of Houston, Texas, the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is strongly encouraging home buyers to  consider having a home inspector to include the following items as part of their pre-purchase home building inspection, if the home was built, or remodeled during the 2005, to 2008 time frames in one of these states.

Home Inspection Must Include The Following In Each Home Inspection:

  • With the exception of the bathroom/bathrooms the home inspector must check every electrical outlet box in every room of the home/condominium/townhouse to see if any of the copper ground wires have turned black.
  • The home inspector must check the home's AC unit, or air handler to see if the copper coils, or copper tubes have turned black. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is also strongly encouraging the home buyer call the proposed home's existing air conditioning service company, to see if there is a history of air conditioning coil failures in the home, townhouse, or condominium project. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center believes repeated air conditioning coil failures in a Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Southeast Texas home is a very good potential indicator for toxic Chinese drywall, especially if the home, or condominium/townhouse was built after 2004, and or before 2010. (Note: The air conditioning company's service tag is typically attached to a home's AC air handler, or air conditioning equipment. The service tag always, or should always include a phone number for the company)    
  • The home inspector should check to see if there are any visible copper plumbing pipes, that have turned black, in a home they inspect
  • The home inspector must remove the circuit breaker panel cover to see if any of the copper wires to the circuit breakers have turned black. Pictures should be taken.
  • Important Note To Homebuilding Inspectors or Home Buyers:  Do not conduct any of these tests without first turning off power to the property.
  • This inspection is designed to check-if-the indicators for toxic Chinese drywall could be present in a home, condominium, or townhouse, and again this is a add on service to a normal home inspection. The fee for this service is something to be negotiated between the home buyer, and the homebuilding inspector. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is suggesting if a homebuilding inspector is unwilling to do this inspection, the home buyer should find an inspector that is willing. The group considers these to be vital tests for any home buyer, or investor, that is contemplating the purchase of a home, condominium, or townhouse in one of the afore mentioned states. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is warning home buyers, or investors to not purchase a home that contains toxic Chinese drywall, or that presents indicators for the presence of toxic Chinese drywall, because they fear there could be the potential for extremely serious long term health issues, for homeowners, or their family members, who have long term exposure to toxic Chinese drywall. Further, the group fears that once there have been health studies related to long term exposure issues-a home that contains toxic Chinese drywall could be worthless.  





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